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Tali Koren, women’s shoe designer, was fascinated by high fashion and leather use already                  at a very young age. She has always esteemed the way leather feels, its smell and above all its crafting. She is fond of creating products in leather especially shoes. As a child she would stare and pay particular attention to women’s feet in order  to observe and admire their shoes: a real love for shoes and their artisan workmanship.

Her great passion for fashion has led her to attend the most prestigious schools in Milan. After graduating, she gained wide professional experience in Milan and New York. Her first experience working with accessories in leather was carried out in leather goods company in New York city.

She decided to come back to Italy in order to fulfill her biggest dream: production of high fashion women’s shoes under her own label.

Thus, she immediately started searching for suitable factories for creating her artistic models. On her way, she managed to acquire professional knowledge in the fantastic world of footwear.

The design philosophy which stands behind the brand Tali Koren is based on uniqueness, originality and innovation of shoe models, with large consideration of femininity and graceful shapes.  The Tali Koren shoes are fine and elegant, but at the same time wearable and comfortable.

The brand is a synonymous for timeless elegance and represent the only keyword: being glamorous!

Every pair of Tali Koren shoes  are the perfect combination for any type of clothing.

For this reason, every woman may see herself wearing these shoes: enchanting creations that exalt style and femininity. Women’s shoes  by Tali Koren are the perfect match to every type of clothing.

The woman who wears Tali Koren shoes is refined, sophisticated, keen about fashion and carful for product’s quality.
This woman is cosmopolitan, she has interests which are typical to high socio cultural environment.
She loves art, design and follows the new creative trends.

She dresses in a feminine way, chic  and elegant, but at the same time particular and innovative; searching for  style uniqueness.

She pays a special attention to details in her cloths and accessories, often looks for a particular which is inspired by the world of design or geometric shapes; but always with a touch of elegance.
She’s carful for matching garments with accessories and color matching.
This woman is original in her way of dressing, she knows how to match different styles from different times, maintaining fresh and updated look.

The same research of originality joined together with elegance is similar in various contexts: from furnishing to personal interests.

The inspiration of the designer for her creations derives from the world of design and the observation of the environment that surrounds us. Every shoe has its own identity, its personal story; but all shoes by “Tali Koren” have one thing in common: the inspiration and interpretation of shapes and objects that the designer meets in her everyday life. That’s why all are characterized by a figurative line. In working process she aspires to create shoes that have something different, interesting and that capture our eyes. Therefore, these shoes never go unobserved.

In her collections, the shapes recall the harmony and roundness of natural elements such as leaves or drops. The first model created was the “drops sandal”, inspired by the roundness and neatness of primordial elements. Subsequently, the designer realized the  “leaves shoes”, that is to say drop-shaped leaves, in which the union between drops and leaves is highlighted, creating the “leaves-drops” theme. This theme leads into a delicate shape of the heel on its rear side. For the next collection the designer designed also boots and booties that follow the same style.

The influence of geometric shapes is well expressed in the shapes boot “Charlotte”. It was constructed by geometric pieces and has rectangular buckles. This trend repeats also in both Trapeze sabots in which rectangular inserts are presented. The oval shaped logo inside the shoes also expresses the same geometric concept.

The “bow sandals” represent another conception inspired by daily life vision and by objects that surround us everyday; for instance the sandal “Tracy”.

“Sigh and linger to take a look at small fantasies that for the hands of attentive artisans are transformed into authentic luxury objects… “