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Workmanship and quality

All shoes are handmade and have the highest quality. The guarantee for the product’s reliability is proved by the fact that all of  Tali Koren shoes foundations are milled by hand; every item is made singularly and rigorously with full attention to details in every phase of its manufacture.The production is entrusted in the most exclusive shoe crafting factories within the footwear district in northern Italy, specialized in creating luxury shoes. The manufacture process is divided in phases and is in the care of various autonomous professionals, each of them is in charge of a specific part of the production: the model’s maker, the workshop which is in charge of the uppers crafting and the factory which is responsible for the shoes assembly. 
The professional competence of every expert in the production chain assures final products of excellent qualities. The high quality becomes possible thanks to repeated modifications and numerous fitting proofs.

All materials and accessories used are the finest and chosen with intensive care after a very long selection process and a constant research of the most prestigious suppliers; thanks to this great attention dedicated, the collections are proved to be very rich and refined. Every model is produced in range of materials, accessories and colors, and this characteristic gives these shoes the idea of a personalized product.

Thanks to our great passion for leather’s crafting, we achieve shoes with particularly elaborated uppers; quality that is characterized by innovative traits and design: pleats, plissè, covered elastics with wrinkled leather and many others.
These delicate handmade workmanships gift these shoes their beauty and charm.